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I've been a wiki enthusiast for the longest time, as told in this recent blog post. But then dropped off after a while, and now I have some catching up to do. Let's start with my list of favorite wikis and engines and go from there.

Random notes:

  • People not used to wikis (even techies) get spooked by WikiWords and flag them as typos. Use free links.
  • The Don't Repeat Yourself principle, a.k.a. DRY, sounds great... until your original source poofs. Redundancy is resilient.
  • I once wrote that a wiki without the community is just an overly technical CMS. Even so, nothing can match the immediacy of a wiki. It matters.
  • My first wiki engine was called WabiSabi. My second is named Brutal. What a difference ten years make.
  • I love reading what wiki theorists wrote back when Wikipedia was new. But to someone from the distant future of 2021 it sounds hopelessly naive. They claimed to be writing a grand unified theory of online communities informed by their new, beloved medium, but in fact only described a brief moment in time.

Oh! I have several skins installed if you want to give this wiki a different face. Also some statistics.

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